Saturday, August 9, 2014

Grass Kit V2 for CInema 4D and Vray

Hi everybody and thanks for all support in my work on this Grass Kit ... Without any delay, I wish to introduce you new and redesigned Grass Kit V2 for Cinema 4D and Vray 1.9.

Whats New :
  • Smaller download size (Now just 1,5 MB)
  • Optimized for Vray 1.9 (for older Vray versions please use previous version of Grass Kit)
  • Multi shader (to add random color to grass clones)
  • 2 new layers for Plants (with noise based random distribution)
  • 2 new layers for Flowers (with noise based random distribution)
  •      (This four new layers can also distribute whatever you need... like stones, trees, etc)
  • Global ON / OFF switch for Grass and for Plants & Flowers (when you have too much clones and navigation become slow)

Here is download link  : Grass Kit V2 download

and here is quick startup tutorial :

and some test renders...