Friday, November 15, 2013

New Grass Kit for Cinema 4D & VRay

UPDATE: Please use new version of Grass Kit if you use VrayForC4D v 1.9.
Here is link: Grass Kit V2

Hi everybody,
I've created for my own needs kit that makes grass creation very simple and easy to C4D + VRay users. Both versions of VRay (old and new 1.8.x)  are supported as well as Distributed Rendering in version 1.8.x. Some sample images are below, and download link for kit and tutorial will be here in few days (as soon as I finish tutorial).

NOTE: This kit is JUST for grass, additional plants, flowers, bushes, trees are from amazing HQ Plants and HQ Grass by and they are not provided with the Grass Kit.

EDIT: here is link to download Grass Kit :
Grass Kit

and short tutorial: